Halal and Muslim Friendly Hotels in JAPAN,The Japan Muslim Guide provides information on accommodation, restaurants and mosques for Muslim visitors to Japan. We would be very happy if this could be of any help in making your trip more comfortable.


So much has changed in Tokyo since we last published our very first halal food guide one year ago. There are so many more Muslim-friendly eateries with a wide range of cuisines ranging from halal yakiniku to sushi! There’s seriously no better time to travel to Japan and Autumn is one of the best times to visit Tokyo.


Karuizawa is the most famous and most high-level resort in Japan. It is near in the edge of Nagano Prefecture famous for the Olympic Winter Games to locate Karuizawa from Tokyo. Many people visitthe climate summer in a natural, rich plateau of the altitude 1000 meters at the season of summer as it is cool.


From the towering skyscrapers of Tokyo to the traditional atmosphere of Kyoto, our Japan Golden Route Tours showcase all of the sights between these two dazzling cities! Our Golden Route Tour packages follow the historic Tokaido Trail between two of the most famous cities in Japan, stopping at only the essential destinations and attractions. During your time in Tokyo, appreciate the striking blend of old and new through the city’s various multi-cultural destinations. While you’re in Kyoto and Nara, enjoy the best temples, shrines, and gardens, all carefully selected on to create a perfect itinerary! Our Golden Route Japan Tour packages are designed to introduce you to the diverse aspects of Japan’s culture through gripping experiences.


In summer the temperature sometimes goes up to 35℃ but humidity is so low that it is very comfortable for holidays. People come for bathing,shell collecting and so on. Since there are no high mountains in this area,you will enjoy an open plain and colorful wild-flowers in the meadows. Whereas during the winter when drift ice from Amur surges,it changes the world to silent and silver. But people here suppose the drift ice as a poetic charm of winter and enjoy the severe winter by holding events such as The Drift Ice Festival , “Ryuhyou matsuri”.The former inhabitants thought of it as a southern end of oasis that Ryuhyou arrives,and still today our livelihood is based on as it was then , fishery and agriculture.Most of the place names in Hokkaido came from the Ainu Language.Our special places in the Okhotsk have origins in the history of t


The 8-hectare (about 20 acres) foothills are full of moss pink and covered by a pink carpet of flowers as far as the eyes can see from April to early June. This pink scenery was created by a single farmer. It started off in 1977 when Mister Suekichi Nakahachi (58 years-old at the time), a lover of flowers, was asked to create a recreation spot with moss pink for the local residents. Mister Nakahachi was happy to please the local residents as well as the visitors of the hot springs there so he cultivated the hills and planted each flower by hand all by himself.


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