Whether you are arranging your very first Umrah, or have returned to the Holy City of Makkah many times previously, it is important that you prepare for your trip in order to gain the most from your experience. Our travel agent provides a wealth of information on the steps you need to take to complete Umrah and our team is available to offer support and guidance to customers before, during and after their journey..

Umrah Ramadan

Ramadan Packages are designed to take stress out of your arrangements for Umrah performance during holy month. Take a look at packages and select the time and service which suits your budget and schedule

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Umrah Tips And Advised

When you travel for the holy land of Mecca & Madina is great journey that is not only far off but is also a journey that reminds us of after life and our duties to the people behind us.

According to Islam you should clear all your liabilities and pay off all your dues before the spiritual journey. You are also bound by Islam to write a Will before you leave.

  1. Ahram
  2. Towel
  3. An Umbrella
  4. Pair of Sleepers
  5. Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste mouth wash if necessary
  6. Shampoo & Soap
  7. Few packs of biscuits and other dry food items
  8. Packet of tissues and Toilet Tissue Roll
  9. Alarm Clock
  10. Basic Medicines Disprin, Ponstan, Strepsils, Cough Syrup, Immodium
  11. Face and hands washing soap, Detergent of cloth washing Soap
  12. One or 2 Cups and glasses
  13. Few pairs of socks
  14. Nail Cutter
  15. Scissors
  16. A small Knife for cutting fruits (Keep this in your big luggage not in hand Luggage)
  17. Camera and Sufficient batteries take extra batteries (Keep this in your big luggage not in hand Luggage)
  18. A prayer mat if needed.
  19. One or two Extra Travel Bags this is for when you go to some place for a longer period or for bringing gifts on way bak.
  20. Some Extra Packed Juices of soft drinks they are available but its better to have one or two in your bag as well.
  21. Face cream or cold cream or Patroleum Jelly Its very hot but due to Air-conditioning its also very dry.
  22. A Travel Iron
  23. Tea Bags and Water Heater for making tea
  • Make sure you have all the travel documents necessary before you leave for Hajj These Items are
  • Your Passport
  • Your Identity Card
  • Your Airline Ticket
  • Hotel Vouchers
  • Transport Vouchers or tickets
  • Although most airlines flying out from Jeddah allow hajj passengers to carry zam zam water on board in addition to the maximum weight allowance it is better to find out when you arrive at airport when you arrive about carrying zam zam
  • Allow some flexibility in your departure schedule as it may not be possible for you to depart on scheduled dates due to some unforeseen circumstances particularly for women if the have to delay tawaf of hajj (tawaf-ziyarah) due to menstrual cycle
  • For women they may want to should consult with their doctor and take proper medications to delay or differ the menstruation cycle during the Hajj or Umrah
  • All the flights to Jeddah airport cross the miqat before they land in Jeddah therefore you must be in the state of Ihram when landing in Jeddah airport
  • If you are traveling direct to Jeddah, you will assume Ihram before you board the plane other wise you enter Ihram at any transit stop enroute to Jeddah. Your group leader will advise you about it. You will have lots of help from your fellow hajjis, or your group leader who accompany ‘s your group.


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